Why omega

E-mail was invented half-century ago. All this time it coped well with the duties assigned to it, but it does not meet the requirements of the present.Modern man is overloaded with an excessive number of channels of communication and disparate incompatible messengers belonging to commercial companies.


Humanity needs a common open non-profit

protocol of message transmission and direct communication.

for communication, training and effective cooperation


Thanks to omega-technologies, all communications are carried out in the same address space, you do not need to rush between the phone, social networks and private messengers. Omega technologies provide messages, voice and video calls, as well as file transfer and support for entities. Communication occurs directly between people or in the channels of people and organizations. At the same time, you receive notifications about new waves (publications) only those channels that you have chosen.


Ω - Omega was chosen to emphasize the continuity of the new communication system. The symbol means completion and looks like the icon in the profile. But for the convenience of the user, in order not to change habits and physical keyboards, the ability to use the @ symbol to separate addresses is retained.